Ryan Terry is one of the most well-known athletes in Bodybuilding. He started as a model and now he is one of the top athletes in Bodybuilding. Ryan has appeared in Men’s Health and in numerous commercials and fitness magazines, such as Muscle & Fitness UK.

He was invited to Cyprus to share his knowledge and experience concerning the preparation for a Bodybuilding competition through a seminar.

As the President of President of the Education and Sports committee of the Young Scientists Institute I had the chance to meet him in person.


1. Could you tell us how you got started with bodybuilding?

I was always massively interested in every sport going when I was a child. I would take part in any sport that I could. I particularly enjoyed football and swimming! However, at the age of 14 I had an injury to both of my Achilles tendons and was put in pot for 3 months. Consequently, as I wasn’t able to take part in any sport, I put on a little weight and became very self-conscious about the way I looked. This is when I first became interested in going to the gym. I wanted to change how I felt about my body and the gym felt like the best place for that.


2. What led you to pursue the life of a professional bodybuilder?

My stepdad was an avid bodybuilder who helped me start training after my injury and when I first became interested in the gym. He introduced me to the world of bodybuilding and had me train with some of the area’s biggest heavyweight bodybuilders. I was hooked from there on.


3. How do you stay motivated?

My love of the sport keeps me motivated. I love to try and be the best version of myself and this is when I feel happiest with myself. Also, after my first taste of the Olympia stage, I knew I wanted to be Mr Olympia one day and this also keeps me extremely motivated.


4. What is your current workout routine?

Monday– AM: Fasted cardio PM: Back
Tuesday– AM: Abdominals PM: Chest
Wednesday– AM: Cardio PM: Legs
Thursday– AM: Cardio PM: Arms
Friday– AM: Cardio: PM: Shoulders and Calfs
Saturday– AM: Abdominals PM: REST DAY
Sunday– AM: Cardio PM: Arms


5. What is your typical meal plan like?

I eat 6 meals a day and I have a protein shake after training in the afternoon. The 6 meals throughout the day contain 1 whey protein and oats, 1 egg meal, 2 chicken meals, 1 steak meal and 1 salmon meal.

6. When you diet, how do you deal with hunger and lack of energy? Do you use any specific foods to help you stay “full” and feel less hungry?

I am fairly lucky in that I don’t tend to feel too exhausted too soon. I do believe this is because I keep my carbs relatively high throughout my prep. I will start to taper the amounts down as the weeks go on but I do keep them in throughout the whole of prep. I feel that this is a really important factor of ensuring that I get the most out of my training sessions and keeping my energy up. It is also very important to get lots of sleep throughout your prep. Your body needs to recover properly and sleep is a major factor when it comes to this.


7. What is your favourite cheat meal?

Cheeseburger (with bacon, cheese and bbq sauce), sweet potato fries and a gooey brownie for desert! This is always my first meal after a competition and I usually head to The Cheesecake Factory for it if I’m in America.

During my prep, I do not tend to have any cheat meals. If I am in need of extra calories then my coach will put me on a ‘re-feed day’ but this just involves an increase in the foods that I am already eating on my prep. I will re-feed on clean calories during my prep and tend to keep away from anything else until I have finished competing.


8. What type of cardio do you find most effective when trying to lose body fat?

During prep for a competition I find fasted cardio the most effective when trying to lose body fat. This means I perform my cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, before I have my breakfast. I don’t tend to do anything too intense- either a steady walk on the treadmill and sometimes the cross trainer for (60 minutes).


9. What supplements do you use?

I am currently using USN Blue Lab Whey protein (my favourite is the Wheytella flavour), USN BCAA Amino-Gro (fruit fusion flavour), USN Anabolic Creatine (tropical flavour) and I also use USN Phedracut Lipo XT during my prep.


10. What is the most common training question that people ask you?

The most common question is probably how I train Abs.

11. PimpMyBody supplements store invited you for a short visit here in Cyprus. How was this experience?

We had such a great experience. Everyone has been so friendly and it has been great to answer some questions from the people who visited the stores and attended the seminar. A special thank you to Panic who went above and beyond to make our stay so comfortable and enjoyable!


12. You also had the chance to give a seminar where you shared your knowledge and personal experience concerning preparing an athlete for a bodybuilding competition. Could you give us more details about that?

We discussed the best way to design a nutritional plan for each person and I really believe this is different for each individual. You must test out different foods and what works best for you. It is also important to work out the amounts of food you should be consuming based on your personal body type and to also consider the amount of calories that you personally expend per day.

I also had the opportunity to answer any questions that athletes may have when it comes to prepping and competing.

I shared my own personal tips and experiences which I hope helped the other athletes when considering how they will approach their own prep for a competition.


13. What are the 3 words that best describe you?

Competitive, strong willed and determined


14. What are your plans for the future?

I am currently in prep for Mr Olympia 2019 so I am going there with the goal of 1st place Mr Olympia in mind. I also plan on competing in some other competitions next year now that my hip injury has been seen to- I am yet to confirm which competitions but I definitely plan on getting back on stage more next year…so watch this space!


Theodosia Kyriakou
President of the Education and sports committee
Young Scientists Institute

Other info concerning Ryan Terry:
• In 2010 he is taking the title of Mr Great Britain and at the same year he receives the title of Mister International in Jakarta, Indonesia.
• In 2013 he is the Men’s Physique Overall Winner at the Euro Arnold Classic and he won the UKBFF Men’s Physique a week after receiving the IFBB Pro Card!
• In 2015 he is taking the 4th place in the Olympia Men’s Physique Showdown.
• In 2016 he receives the 4th place Arnold Classic competition and the 4th place in the Olympia Men’s Physique.
• In 2017 he participates in the Arnold Classic Men’s Physique where he ranked 1st. On the same year he received the 6th place in the Olympia Men’s Physique.
• In 2018 he receives the 3rd place in the Olympia Men’s Physique and the 2nd place in the Asian Grand Prix Pro Men’s Physique.